Accepted Full Research Papers
Roberto Panerai Velloso and Carina Dorneles. Web Page Structured Content Detection using Supervised Machine Learning
Zexing Zhan, Ruimin Hu, Xiyue Gao and Nian Huai. Fast Incremental PageRank on Dynamic Networks
Gabriela Bosetti, Sergio Firmenich, Marco Winckler, Gustavo Rossi, Ulises Cornejo Fandos and Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond. An End-User Pipeline for Scrapping and Visualizing Semi-structured Data over the Web
Antoine Cheron, Johann Bourcier, Olivier Barais and Antoine Michel. Comparison Matrices of Semantic RESTful API Technologies
Ozlem Ceren Sahin, Pinar Karagoz and Nesime Tatbul. Streaming Event Detection in Microblogs: Balancing Accuracy and Performance
Kijin An and Eli Tilevich. Catch & Release: An Approach to Debugging Distributed Full-Stack JavaScript Applications
Zhanpeng Wu, Yan Zhou, Di Wu, Yipeng Zhou and Jing Qin. Crowdsourced Time-Sync Video Recommendation via Semantic-Aware Neural Collaborative Filtering
Andrea Millimaggi and Florian Daniel. On Twitter Bots Behaving Badly: Empirical Study of Code Repositories on GitHub
Yuwei Liu, Xingming Chen, Yanghui Rao, Haoran Xie, Qing Li, Jun Zhang, Yingchao Zhao and Fu Lee Wang. Supervised Group Embedding for Rumor Detection in Social Media
Tasos Bakogiannis, Ioannis Giannakopoulos, Dimitrios Tsoumakos and Nectarios Koziris. Predicting Graph Operator Output over Multiple Graphs
Natanael Arndt, Sebastian Zänker, Gezim Sejdiu and Sebastian Tramp. Jekyll RDF: Template-Based Linked Data Publication with Minimized Effort and Maximum Scalability
Yuanming Zhang, Langyou Huang, Jiawei Lu and Gang Xiao. An Automatic Data Service Generation Approach for Cross-Origin Datasets
Tomohiro Ohtake, Alex Cummaudo, Mohammed Abdelrazek, Rajesh Vasa and John Grundy. Merging Intelligent API Responses using a Proportional Representation Approach
Flavio Primo, Paolo Missier, Alexander Romanovsky, Mickael Figueredo and Nelio Cacho. A Customisable Pipeline for Continuously Harvesting Socially-Minded Twitter Users
Daniel Obraczka and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo. DRAGON: Decision Tree Learning for Link Discovery
Sophie Le Page, Guy-Vincent Jourdan, Gregor Bochmann, Iosif-Viorel Onut and Jason Flood. Domain Classifier: Compromised Machines versus Malicious Registrations
Suzi Kim and Sunghee Choi. DotCHA: A 3D Text-based Scatter-type CAPTCHA
Yihong Zhang, Panote Siriaraya, Yukiko Kawai and Adam Jatowt. Time and Location Recommendation for Crime Prevention
Jorge Garza, Steven Swanson and Devon J. Merrill. Amalgam: Hardware Hacking for Web Developers with Style (Sheets)
Emad Badawi, Guy-Vincent Jourdan, Gregor Bochmann, Iosif-Viorel Onut and Jason Flood. The “Game Hack’’ Scam
Shahin Sharifi Noorian, Achilleas Psyllidis and Alessandro Bozzon. ST-Sem: A Multi-modal Method for Points-of-Interest Classification using Street-Level Imagery
Andrea Gallidabino and Cesare Pautasso. Multi-Device Adaptation with Liquid Media Queries
Mohammad Abdel-Qader, Iacopo Vagliano and Ansgar Scherp. Analyzing the Evolution of Linked Vocabularies
Peter de Lange, Tom Janson and Ralf Klamma. Decentralized Service Registry and Discovery in P2P Networks Using Blockchain Technology
Bart van Rossum and Flavius Frasincar. Augmenting LOD-Based Recommender Systems Using Graph Centrality Measures
Hajer Nabli, Raoudha Ben Djemaa and Ikram Amous. Linked USDL extension for Cloud services description


Accepted Short Research Papers
Rong Chen, Bo Li, Hu Xing and Yijing Wang. CrowDIY: How to Design and Adapt Collaborative Crowdsourcing Workflows under Budget Constraints
Qing Guo, Zhu Sun, Jie Zhang and Yin Leng Theng. Modeling Heterogeneous Influences for Point-of-Interest Recommendation in Location-Based Social Networks
Hyekyung Yang and Hwan-Seung Yong. Incremental PARAFAC Decomposition for Three-dimensional Tensors using Apache Spark
Xiaofei Xu, Yukun Cao and Li Li. Exploring Semantic Change of Chinese Word Using Crawled Web Data
Nicola Castaldo, Florian Daniel, Maristella Matera and Vittorio Zaccaria. Conversational Data Exploration
Yihong Zhang, Adam Jatowt and Yukiko Kawai. Finding Baby Mothers on Twitter
Tommi Mikkonen, Cesare Pautasso, Kari Systa and Antero Taivalsaari. On the Web Platform Cornucopia
Vincent Wade and Rebekah Storan Clarke. Intelligent Client-Centric Personalisation
Egor Boychuk and Maxim Bakaev. Entropy and Compression Based Analysis of Web User Interfaces