Venue, Daejeon Convention Center

Daejeon Convention Center is an international convention center that embodies all the state-of-the-art technologies of Daejeon, the City of Science. Since all facilities including the grand ballroom, exhibition halls, conference rooms and small- and medium-sized meeting rooms are configured in a user-friendly way, visitors will enjoy the conveniences that haven’t been experienced before. For more information, please click

You can get to the venue by airport limousine from Incheon Int’l airport or Gimpo Int’l airport. Or, If you want to take the KTX which is high-speed railway, you can transfer at Seoul station. It takes about 3hours to get to the venue. If you need more information, please click

We recommend  ‘Lotte City Hotel’ and ‘ICC Hotel’ for your accommodation. They are very close to the venue, so you can visit the venue comfortably. You can book a hotel easily at a reasonable price. If you want to book hotels or need more information,  click

Floor Plan

Around the venue

The Hanbat Arboretum, linked with the Government Complex-Daejeon and Science Park, is the largest manmade urban arboretum. This venue serves multiple purposes: to act as a reservoir of genetically diverse foliage, an eco learning center for students, and a recreational area where people can relax and pass the time in the peaceful embrace of nature. The arboretum, standing on a lot measuring 387,000 m2 (1,270,000 ft) was developed as part of a three-stage plan. Seowon (West Garden, located north of the Daejeon Museum of Art) and Nammun Square opened on April 28th, 2005, while Dongwon (East Garden located north of Pyeongsong Youth Cultural Center), which consists of 19 uniquely themed parts such as the Magnolia Garden, Medicinal Herbs Garden, Rock Garden and Fruit Garden, opened on May 9th, 2009.View more

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Since its opening in 1998, the Daejeon Museum of Art has been serving as a representative cultural arts institution in Korea with the establishment of local art history and the flow of modern art. The Daejeon Museum of Art has established a history of precious art culture in Daejeon under the three operating plans and is committed to discovering the value of contemporary art and future culture and arts.View more

Ungno Lee Museum of Art is the neat little white building surrounded by pine trees, located next to the Daejeon Museum of Art. The museum was designed by French architect Laurent Beaudouin, to commemorate the life and work of the artist Goam Ungno Lee (1904-1989), who devoted his whole life to the modernization and globalization of Korean tradition through architecture.View more

Expo Park was established following the closing of the Daejeon Expo in 1993. In the park, various facilities are available like Hanbit Tower, the representative tower of Daejeon World Expo; Daejeon Expo Memorial Hall, remodeled to commemorate the Daejeon World Expo; World Expo Memorial Museum, exhibiting the world expo’s souvenir and symbolic objects throughout 200 years of expo history; Daejeon Traffic Culture Institute where children can join the education and history related to transportation. However some facilities including a simulation hall, dome video room, electric energy hall, cutting-edge hall, a magnetic levitation propulsion train, music water fountain, Kkumdori Square, and other facilities are currently not available as they are being demolished to create the Expo Re-built business.View more

Golf Zone Joymaru is the first golf theme park in Korea that combines golf, culture, dining out and shopping. The theme park that is not in the world is to improve individual golf skills by combining the cutting-edge IT technology of golf zone and through various cultural and amusement facilities, the entire family can become golf clubs. It offers a new and innovative theme park in one place, family health, hobbies, shopping and culture. Creates ‘NEW CULTURE’ that delivers novelty, enjoyment and benefits by creating new spaces, products and services that combine golf, IT and culture. Golf Zone Creating a New Golf Culture!